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Picture of Matthew Anguige
Sports Hall
by Matthew Anguige - Wednesday, 8 April 2015, 12:00 PM

Sports Hall Poster

Picture of Matthew Anguige
Learner Satisfaction Survey 2014-2015
by Matthew Anguige - Monday, 23 February 2015, 09:10 AM

Learner Satisfaction Survey 2014/15

What’s it all about?

What are your views of your learning experience at Brooksby Melton College? Now it’s your chance to have your say – your views matter! This is part of a national survey and learners in every College in England have the chance to take part.

For Brooksby Melton College this will take place from Monday 23rd February until 29th March 2015.

You will be asked 10 questions about how you rate the College; all of which include a number of multiple choice options.

How do I take part?

It’s an online survey. Opportunity will be made for you to complete the survey during lessons and can access it via moodle at any time you have PC access or via an internet enabled device.

You can also access the survey directly at any time during the survey period by logging in at:

You will be asked for the following information as you begin the survey:

1. The College's Code number or UKPRN is: 10000952 (1, then 4 zeros, 952)

2. Your ULN (Unique Learner Number) 10 Digit - for College based learners; this will be available via the Survey Desk Slip report provided by your tutor.

3. Your First Name

4. Your Surname or family name

5. Your Date of birth (dd/mm/yy eg. 01/04/21)

6. The type of course you are studying

7. The multiple choice questions will then begin

Picture of Collette Gibson
FE Forums!
by Collette Gibson - Thursday, 11 December 2014, 01:57 PM

The minutes from the latest FE Forums are now avaliable to view - go to the Student Voice section and Enrol now to take a look!

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